On September 15, 2010 at 3am at Tuskegee Veterinarian Hospital we laid to rest He’s a Million Dollar
Baby. He was in emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage. The big five year old black roam stallion
was bred, raised and owned by the Tittle Family at Rocky Hill Stables in Cusseta Alabama. He was by
Generator’s Silver Dollar and Councilor’s Wounded Heart. He was Melissa Tittles’ Amateur Owned and
Trained Walking Horse. Dollar, as he was known at the barn, was leading in the points in the Georgia
Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association.

In 2009, Dollar was at Bill Cantrell Stables for most of the year where they worked and trained him to be
one of the best. Dollar will forever be remembered by Joe, Vicki, Melissa, and by all of our friends at the
barn and the horse shows. We will continue to proudly raise and show his brothers and sisters. As his
half brothers and half sisters, Papa’s John Gray, John Gray’s Last Edition, and Joe Dollar continue his
blood line; his mother will be bred back to Generator’s Silver Dollar in the spring. He will live through
them. And though he is gone now, his legacy will remain and he will walk on in the hearts of those who
knew him, forever.

“He was an amazing horse. He was the most talented horse I have ever ridden. He gave me his heart
and soul every day. Although someday, god willing, I will show his full brother or sister, it will never be
the same as it was with Dollar. He was a dream to own, to ride and to show. He left his hoof prints on my
heart. We will meet him at the Rainbow Bridge one day”,  - The Tittles